Maintenance Engineering and Contracting

Project Type
Project Name: Villa samir chalfoun - jizzine  
Description: Maintenance Engineering & Contracting has performed all excavation works (4000m3), concrete works (1300m3), Water proofing to all exterior more project details
Year: | Client: | Contractor/Consultant: | Value: Villa samir chalfoun - jizzine
Project Name: edmond habchi  
Description: Maintenance Engeneering & Contracting has performed all  concrete works (5000m3) & plaster (4000m²). more project details
Year: 2004 | Client: edmond habchi | Contractor/Consultant: | Value: $750000 edmond habchi
Project Name: WATER PURIFICATION TANKS -Baalbeck  
Description: Concrete works related to the water purification tanks in Baalbek  Lebanon have been successfully performed within a period of 16 weeks. more project details
Year: 2001 | Client: C.D.R. | Contractor/Consultant: Dar El Handasa | Value: $750,000 WATER PURIFICATION TANKS -Baalbeck
Project Name: Galaxy Center -Sheyah  
Description: Located in the area of the airport boundary,the Galaxy Center was designed on a land of 7000m2. more project details
Year: 1998 | Client: Naiim Family | Contractor/Consultant: | Value: $10,000,000 Galaxy Center -Sheyah
Description: Major part of the concrete works related to the Krounfoul residential building located in Beirut have been executed. more project details
Year: 1999-2001 | Client: R. Ammach | Contractor/Consultant: Khatib & Alameh | Value: $1,700,000 KROUNFOUL RESIDENTIAL BUILDING -Al Manara
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